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Arabian Reining Breeders Classic

The Reining horse community appreciates the success of the National Reining Horse Association, and more recently the National Reining Breeders Classic, especially those watching from the rail with a mind to be participating on Arabian and Half-Arabian reining horses. Following the success and growth of the reining futurity program at the Scottsdale Arabian show in Arizona, a group of individuals has recently formed the Arabian Reining Breeders Classic.
The format of the ARBC is very similar to the highly successful and extremely popular NRBC event, and with this program as its template, the ARBC has set its sights on becoming the Arabian Reining version of what the NRBC is to Quarter Horse and Paints. The ARBC has high hopes to follow in the footsteps of the NRBC, creating a viable, successful promotional platform for breeders and showmen.
In casting about for the perfect venue at which to introduce this exciting new program, the group simultaneously discovered, and was discovered by, the High Roller Reining Classic, held annually in September in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The High Roller Reining Classic is currently ranked at number 4 in the NRHA Leading Events (as of 2013), after only five short years in existence. In 2014 the show will offer prizes and cash payouts of more than a half million dollars! The show runs eight days and will be including a NRHA approved $78,000 added ARBC Futurity for Arabians and Half-Arabians. The ARBC will also offer a $30,000 Youth Scholarship Program, followed up by a similar Scholarship Program and High Point prize for breeder, trainer, owner and youth to be awarded at the 2015 Scottsdale Arabian show. There is also a plan to connect the two shows by offering large prizes for those exhibitors who compete and win at both shows!
ARBC stallion and foal enrollments begin this year, 2014. By 2018, all horses competing in the ARBC must be enrolled in the program as that is when the ARBC program money kicks in with 70% of all stallion and foal enrolments being allocated as prize money.
Stallion owners who enroll their stallions this year will have their offspring be eligible for enrollment this fall. The foal owner doesn’t have to enroll until the foal is actually born and there is a generous time frame throughout the weanling year. Once enrolled, a foal stays eligible, whether or not his sire continues to be involved.
Foal owners pay a $250 enrollment fee, per foal, by September 15 of the weanling year or $350 by December 31. Late enrollments can be made. See enrolment terms for details. Only enrolled foals are allowed to compete as four and five-year-olds in the ARBC starting in 2018.
Stallion owners pay an initial nomination fee, then an annual enrollment fee due on February 1st of each year. Stallion owners also assist in the promotion of the ARBC by informing mare owners about the ARBC, using its logo in their advertising, distributing ARBC information to mare owners and mailing ARBC nomination forms to the owners of each live foal at the time they provide a Breeders Certificate. Stallions are promoted by the ARBC through the web site, national and international advertising, press releases, brochures and materials distributed at major events, as well as in the annual ARBC Stallion Registry.
What does the Arabian Reining Breeders Classic offer?
For Arabian Reiners
It's a place to show Arabian and Half Arabian four and five year old horses for international recognition and top prize money.
For Arabian Owners
It's a venue for increasing the value of your Arabian and Half Arabian reining horses.
For AQHA/APHA Stallion Owners
It's a venue for increasing the promotion of your reining breeding stallions by offering your stallion’s service to a whole new industry of mare owners.
For Arabian Breeders
It's an opportunity to increase the value of your Arabian and Half Arabian reining horses and take an active role in the future of Arabian and Half Arabian reining.
For AQHA/APHA Breeders
It's an opportunity be able to present your offspring to a whole new industry of buyers.
For Spectators
It's an introduction of a new breed to an exciting sport that will ultimately become the only western equestrian event to be a part of the Olympics.
Frequently asked questions
“I want to enroll my foal in the ARBC but I don't have registration papers yet. What do I do?”
Registration papers are not a requirement for enrollment. Once we receive the enrollment form and payment, the foal is enrolled. However, we will wait until we have received a copy of the registration papers to issue you your certificate. Just mail or fax a copy to (623) 670-5905.
“We just bought a horse that is enrolled in the ARBC. What do you want us to do?”
Mail or fax a copy to (623) 670-5905 of the registration papers showing the change of ownership, along with your name, address, and phone number, and we will issue a new certificate.
“We changed our horse's name. The certificate has the old name. What do I do?”
Send us copies of the papers with both the old and new names, and we will re-issue a certificate and change our records accordingly.
ARBC Management
Day to day business of the ARBC is operated by Brumley Management Group, LLC producer of three of the top NRHA approved reining competitions in the United States; the High Roller Reining Classic, Reining by the Bay and Cactus Reining Classic. Contact (866) 590-7683 for more information about the ARBC.
ARBC, Inc. 28150 N Alma School Pkwy, 103 – 297, Scottsdale, AZ 85262; (866) 590-7683

Arabian Reining Breeders Classic

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